Dr. Harish Chandran

M.S.ORTHO , FASM, FAA ( ITALY ). Fellowship in Arthroscopy & Sports Medicine ( ITALY )

Shoulder Surgery & Joint Replacement

Cartilage injuries (ACI, Mosaicoplasty and Oats)

Autologous chondrocyte implantation (ACI) is a biomedical treatment that repairs damages in articular cartilage. ACI provides pain relief while at the same time slowing down the progression or considerably delaying partial or total knee replacement surgery. The goal of ACI is to allow people suffering from articular cartilage damage to return to their old lifestyle; regaining mobility, going back to work and even practicing sports again.

ACI procedures aim to provide complete hyaline repair tissues for articular cartilage repair. Over the last 20 years, the procedure has become more widespread and it is currently probably the most developed articular cartilage repair technique.

This cell based articular cartilage repair procedure takes place in three stages. In a first stage, between 200 and 300 milligrams cartilage is sampled arthroscopically from a less weight bearing area from either the intercondylar notch or the superior ridge of the medial or lateral femoral condyle of the patient. The matrix is removed enzymatically and the chondrocytes isolated. These cells are grown in vitro in a specialised laboratory for approximately four to six weeks, until there are enough cells to reimplant on the damaged area of the articular cartilage. The patient then undergoes a second treatment, in which the chondrocytes are applied on the damaged area during an open-knee surgery or arthroscopically . These autologous cells should adapt themselves to their new environment by forming new cartilage. During the implantation,chondrocytes are applied on the damaged area in combination with a membrane (tibial periosteum or biomembrane) or pre-seeded in a scaffold matrix.
This surgery for the first time has been done in south kerala at Cosmopolitan hospital trivandrum.
The patient is a basket ball buff and is recuperating after surgery with rehabilitation.
This surgery was succesfully performed by DR. Harish chandran and his team at Cosmopolitan hospital trivandrum.

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