Dr. Harish Chandran

M.S.ORTHO , FASM, FAA ( ITALY ). Fellowship in Arthroscopy & Sports Medicine ( ITALY )

Shoulder Surgery & Joint Replacement

Sports medicine injuries


Unfortunately, no single exercise can prevent injury to the ACL. The good news is that you can give yourself some protection by developing and Maintaining strength and endurance in your lower extremities. To promote stability in the knee, perform closed-chain exercises (e.g., leg presses, squats, lunges) as part of your strength-training program. Also, do some cross training in your cardiovascular workout with the stair climber, stationary bike, elliptical cross trainer and the ski machine.

You can also avoid an ACL injury by preparing for your favorite sport in the preseason. Plan for at least four weeks of endurance training before your
basketball, tennis, or racquetball league begins. Also: Have fun, but be sensible when playing your sport. Whenever you find that you must stay
away from your regular routine for two or three weeks due to travel or illness, ease up for several workouts to give your body time to recondition. Preconditioning work out is of atmost importance.